Smokers and charcoal grills

Take your outdoor cooking to the next level with one of our smokers or grills.

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Smoker & Grill Experts in Columbia, SC

At Redd Flooring & Design Center, we are proud to offer Pitts & Spitts smokers and grills. Our smokers and grills are the best available and are known for mixing Texas tradition with new techniques. You will love the way our smokers and grills cook and look. They will elevate your outdoor backyard BBQ or your outdoor living space. We can help you find the right grill or smoker for you!

Pellet Grills

Our pellet grills are made for durability and precision, with you and your next backyard BBQ in mind. Our grills ensure a consistent and high-quality cooking experience every time you fire it up. In addition to our pellet grills, we are proud to be the Columbia, SC area's only retailer to offer Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets. With Lumber Jack, you will have a full flavor BBQ every time. With our pellet grills and exclusive pellets, you'll never want to cook indoors again!

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We carry the best looking and best cooking smokers currently available. Smoking your food gives you a flavor that cannot be achieved with any other cooking method, and the low rate at which you cook food in a smoker, leaves even the hardest cuts of meat tender. Our smokers are made with an emphasis on quality and design for a product you'll want to use as often as possible.

Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grills are a popular choice for those who love cooking outdoors because of the distinct flavor and aroma that comes with cooking over charcoal. Charcoal grills are versatile and can reach high temperatures, making them ideal for searing steaks or burgers. Cooking on a charcoal grill creates a unique smoky flavor that's hard to replicate with other cooking methods. Whether you're a seasoned grill master or just getting started with outdoor cooking, a charcoal grill can be a great investment that will provide years of enjoyment and delicious meals.

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